Illustration #8

Illustration #8


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Jose, a Mexican artist, faces deportation and life without his 9-year-old daughter. You can help keep them together.

Jose, who has lived in the United States for over twenty-three years, has been detained in immigration for more than eight months and is at risk of imminent deportation.

Jose could be released from immigration detention if he pays a bond of $20,000 but neither Jose nor his family have the financial resources to afford this bond amount. This is why we are asking everyone to support Jose, so he can be allowed to fight his case outside the detention center and have a real chance to stay in the United States with his nine-year old daughter. 

Spread the word. Jose needs you. 

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If Jose is not able to collect the $20,000 USD that he needs in order to be released, what would you prefer to do with the donations we collect?
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