A Father Ripped Away From His Daughter

Jose, a Mexican artist, faces deportation and life without his nine-year-old daughter. You can help keep them together.

UPDATE: June 4th, 2018

At his hearing on June 4th, Jose could have been given a deportation order because of his case's lack of documentation. Thankfully, Jose's attorney won him another hearing so he can continue to gather necessary documents. Jose's next hearing is July 13th, 2018. At the hearing, much in part due to Jose's testimony, the judge confirmed that Jose is of good moral character and has lived in the United States for over 10 years. Jose's supporters filled the court. We are all tremendously excited to have more time to fundraise for Jose's bond.


Jose's Story

Jose is a Mexican artist who has been detained in an ICE detention facility for over eight months. Throughout this time, Linda Olvera, through Freedom for Immigrants, has been assisting Jose in many ways including, most importantly, attaining an attorney. Jose is represented by the Dolores Street Community Services legal team.

Jose moved to the United States when he was 15 years old and has resided in California for 23 years. Aside from being a great artist, Jose is a hardworking, loving father of a United States citizen daughter, who is only 9-years-old. In fact, Jose discovered his artistic talent when he would draw princesses with his daughter at the park.

 One of the drawings by Jose's daughter. It pictures Jose and his daughter at the park.

One of the drawings by Jose's daughter. It pictures Jose and his daughter at the park.

Sadly, due to increasing gentrification and housing prices in the Bay Area, Jose became homeless and was forced to sleep in his car. Although Jose worked really hard in construction, the amount of money he earned was not enough to pay both the rent and provide the monthly financial support to his daughter.

Without any doubt, Jose never stopped providing financial support to his child, even when it meant he would be homeless. All Jose wants is to provide the best life to the person he loves the most, his daughter.

One night, someone from the neighborhood where Jose would usually park his car to sleep at night, noticed that he was living in his car. This person contacted the police and Jose was arrested. Once Jose was released from criminal custody, immigration officers detained him and placed him in West County Detention Facility in Richmond, California, a county jail and ICE detention facility where he has been detained since September of 2017.

Jose uniquely qualifies for an immigration relief that requires him to submit a lot of documents to the Immigration Court. With an attorney's assistance, Jose has done his best to collect the documents to attain this immigration relief and not be deported from the United States. However, Jose is unable to get all of the necessary documents while detained.

Jose will be released from immigration detention if he pays a bond of $20,000, but neither Jose nor his family have the financial resources to afford this bond amount. ICE granted Jose this high bond, $20,000 has become their standard bond amount.

Jose’s case is unjust and sad. Given the situation, we are asking everyone to support Jose so he can be allowed to legitimately fight his case outside the detention center.

If Jose is released from detention, he will have a real chance to win his case and stay in the United States with his nine-year-old daughter.

During the months Jose has been detained, he has created amazing art, shown here, that you can get by donating to his personal fund.

All of his art pieces were made while in jail.

Immigration detention is jail, as immigrants in detention are confined to cells, are forced to wear uniforms, and are often held alongside people serving criminal convictions. These detention centers sometimes employ solitary confinement and, what human rights organization have called, excessive use of restraints and lack of access to healthcare and exercise.

This Father’s Day, write a letter to a community member in immigration detention, unable to celebrate Father’s Day with their kids or loved ones. Help break the debilitating isolation our community members endure and uplift the resilience of those facing detention and deportation. Let’s extend ourselves as a family - we are not whole as a community until they are released!

Thank you!


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